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Carmarthen to Karabagh



A book by Canon Patrick Thomas. A Welshman’s view of Armenia, Canon Patrick looks at the similarities between the two cultures.


After Canon Patrick’s first visit to Armenia in 2005 he was surprised to find that this little-known nation had captured his heart.


He immediately began immersing himself in Armenian history, culture and religion, and came to admire the nation’s unique strand of Christianity, with its powerful symbolism and mystical poetry. He also became aware of the pain of its history, including the terrible genocide during the first world war when over  a million Armenians were killed.


In 2007 a memorial to the victims was unveiled in the Temple of Peace, Cardiff – the first such memorial in these islands.


Because of his love and understanding of Armenia, Canon Patrick has become accepted as ‘a voice of the voiceless’.


But there is another strand to his exploration of Armenia and its struggles, and the injustices committed against it: that is, the parallel background of Welsh history. He quotes the head waiter in a restaurant in Armenia saying, “ Wales is an ancient country, like Armenia, – we have both had to struggle a long time for our freedom”.


Canon Patrick Thomas loves both nations, and this is his love-letter to them. Even if you do not consider yourself religious, this delightful; book will captivate, educate and intrigue you.

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